Otto Scharmer @Entrepreneurship Summit

Key Summary

  1. you cannot understand a system unless you change it
  2. you cannot change a system unless you transform consciousness
  3. you cannot transform consciousness unless you make a system see and sense itself

To perform, we need to first do inner work by answering two questions: “who am I?” and “what do I want to cause?”

We need to foster curiosity, compassion, and courage instead of fear, cynicism, and ignorance.

Let us co-create something new, something better with our hands, heart and head. It is not only about individual reflection, it is not only about team or organizational development. It is about a systemic change.

In practice, this involves activating the deep learning cycles, strengthening sources of well-being, establish food as a medium for healing, create businesses that follow a purpose, generate capital that transforms the system, and establish an awareness-based collective action.

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