13.12.2021, 19-20h – Book Presentation via Zoom

On December 13th 2021 I will present the book project Ability to Act from 7 to 8 p.m. via Zoom and report from my book contribution “Circular Innovator Education”. Afterwards, you can discuss with some of the book authors how we can implement educational programs across borders enabling the individual to develop and implement sustainable innovations.

The online event is open to anyone who is interested and who speaks English / German.
The innovative book Ability to Act is about options how people can be enabled and encouraged to bring sustainable innovations into the world and thus actively help shape our living space. Contributions from ten authors have been compiled, some of whom will also be included in the call. The chapter Circular Innovator Education, from which Prof. Dr. Schork will read aloud, presents methods that have already been used and analyzed in education and in practice to develop sustainable innovations.


This week was once again very eventful for our third semester at the TH Aschaffenburg. Our budding digital real estate managers heard from PropTech METR how the team manages and scales agile projects. And our business economists with a legal focus heard from ADTELLIGENCE how their digital business model works.

Greentec @THAB

Today our digital business modelers learned from CFO Thomas Festerling at GreenTec Capital Partnershttps://lnkd.in/dWzSWHNm. He explained how his company invests in tech startups with impact. It is fascinating how the company builds bridges between Africa and Germany and supports founders with networks, funding, and tech knowledge. Great opportunity for our business administration and law students. #impact#digital#businessmodels#thaschaffenburg#economy#law#finance

PropTech Insights on project mangement

Yesterday Gabor Szomszed and Torsten Eder working for the PropTech KUGU explained how they manage hybrid projects with the help of the JIRA software. This was an add-on session for our Bachelor students in the course economics and in the course digital property management. Thanks for the great insights. Due to the video recording many students are able to watch the insights. #insights #proptech #digital #propertymanagement #economics #thaschaffenburg #practitioners

New Book Chapter Release

Now the time has come 🙂 I am happy to announce that you can buy the E-Book ($9,-) or Softcover ($25,-) of the future-oriented book project https://abilitytoact.com. You will find ten contributors giving ideas on how we can consciousnessly collaborate to solve the problems of our time. I contributed the book chapter with the title “Circular Innovator Education” answering the question “Why the world needs to educate circular economy thinkers and doers”. Happy reading and collaborate soon hopefully. #highereducation #sustainability #circularity #innovation #collaboration #change #consciousness

Social Media Trends 2022

Hubspot published the Social Media Trends for 2022 –> Download here

Core insights are:

TikTok is conquering social media, forcing other platforms to adapt
Social ads are evolving, cookies are on the decline
Social selling will simplify the customer journey
Post-pandemic content will be geared towards the needs of customers
Omnichannel engagement will change the way you do
Interact consumers on social media
Influencer marketing is finally growing up
Brands will drive the decentralization of social media
Metaversum – the virtual space as a connection between consumers and brands
Showing attitude is an important differentiator for brands
Communities grow and gain influence

Do you want to change your consumption habits?

Here are some start-ups that help you with your sustainable transformation:

Clothes: https://unown-fashion.com/

Mobility: https://sonomotors.com/de/

Travel: https://utopia.de/ratgeber/nachhaltig-reisen-oeko-reiseportale/

Food: https://mitvergnuegen.com/2017/11-tipps-wie-ihr-nachhaltiger-lebensmittel-einkaufen-koennt/

Food: https://foodhub-muenchen.de/

Energy: https://www.tado.com

Energy: https://sonnen.de/

Check your CO2 Footprint on the eevie App

My question of the day

Why do the economy and the state in Germany still follow long outdated values and beliefs and are not in a position to lead in a strength-oriented manner? There still seems to be the belief that getting out of your comfort zone is the real deal instead of doing what you really really want and can …

Happy to announce my new book chapter

Happy to announce my new book chapter in the mind-blowing project AbilitytoAct from E Sengers MA. It’s about a global education format for sustainable innovators creating circular solutions. You can buy the ebook for 10€ on this website: https://abilitytoact.com/buy.

Here is the intro to my chapter: “The following chapter builds on the article Dryver’s Seat from Erwin Sengers. He asks for higher education programs that train future self-directed entrepreneurs with the right attitude and the ability to think critically and control their actions. To master this challenging task, Erwin asks for conscious trainers who are innovators themselves. Innovators can ask the right critical questions, connect seamlessly unconnected information, and experiment. The following article is a first step towards raising the awareness of these new trainers and giving them methods, tools, and inspiration to develop sustainable innovators who think holistically. Innovators are the proportion of entrepreneurs who do not copy or optimize what exists but commercialize new technologies or new ideas. Circular innovators are the doers who create systemic innovations solving our current social and ecological crisis.” – Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schork
#circularity #innovation #education #sustainability #highereducation #globaleducation