My research is focusing on Sustainable Digital Innovation.

Source: Pixabay 2022

Publications on Google Scholar

Ongoing Master Thesis

Franziska Riedmann: Agility of managers and employees in the real estate industry

Jacek Luberecki: Stocktaking of ESG-compliant PropTechs and FinTechs in Germany

Finalized Master Thesis

March 2022: Christina Demski, With artificial intelligence to a climate-neutral building stock – An analysis of potentials and necessary measures for the increased use in commercial properties

March 2022: Leander Schulz, Digital methods for measuring sustainability and the varieties of the topic ESG for institutional investors in the real estate industry

Ongoing Doctoral Thesis

Stefan Slembrouck, Ethical investigations into the use of AI algorithms to analyze and enhance human well-being

Cudi Zerey, Sustainable digital innovations – an analysis of the public sector in Germany

Dilan Özdemir, Supporting the innovation manager with sustainable AI-supported software solutions along the value creation process

Research Projects

Living Research: Indoor air quality improvement through greens [SDG 3, 11 & 13]

Pleasant Learning: Study task type and stress correlations [SDG 3 & 4]

Inclusive Education: Effective learning formats for gifted individuals [SDG 4]