My new workshop format

On Thursday, 22nd of Novembre 2018, I conducted two workshops at the fourth IHK congress “New Learning” in Westerham. The topic was “how innovative start-ups learn”. Embedded in a varied program format, I experienced a great learning experience with about 50 entrepreneurs, HR managers and educational representatives. The workshop was structured in three stages: (1) introduction to the topic, (2) getting to know personal entrepreneurial beliefs, (3) using an interactive method to understand a complex problem.

IMG_20181122_173812New Workshop Format



What Innovators should do in 2018

[…] Leaders seeking to stimulate these personal capabilities in themselves or their people are well-advised to employ and nurture what Roger Martin has characterized as “Design Thinking”, which is the balancing of analytical thinking (focused on reliability and consistency) with intuitive thinking (focused on validity and novelty). […]

Innovating is literally defined as “changing something established.” … but that is scary for most “established” leaders and it certainly requires them to muster courage.  My advice for future innovators is for them to deliberately do something courageous and outside their comfort zone in 2018. […]

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