Barack Obama @Bits & Pretzels

Core Insights:

  • Universities are a critical anchors to build startup cultures
  • We need to bring science and entrepreneurship together
  • We need to invest in basic research
  • Venture Capital needs to be available in regions where there is no money
  • Innovation is a balance of freedom and common purpose
  • People need to invest in the education of their children
  • Diversity helps the organization, although it is not politically correct
  • Diversity increases the mix of experiences
  • We need to overcome the male dominance
  • We need to learn to listen to the experts
  • We need to establish creative cultures
  • Politicans need to listen to science (Greta Thunberg does)
  • Companies that have women as Board Members increase their performance
  • Large tech companies have to make room for small companies
  • Tech giants need to ask questions about values, even if they are big
  • Leadership is the responsibility of everyone
  • Responsible leaders are clear and take responsibility
  • Scandinavia shows how social issues can be integrated into a well-functioning economy
  • All must participate to change social problems
  • Technical solutions are not sufficient, we need to change together
  • We need to break insulation through technology
  • We need to be aware of: manipulation, monopolies, singularity, China
  • We see chances in smart energy managing, and improvement of health


Obama values sleep, time for reflexion, time with his wife and positive thinking.


Don’t think, that:

  • others take something away from me
  • power is based on hierarchies
  • polarization is the right way to go


Even if we are different, we should live:

  • together in peace
  • mutual respect for individual cultures
  • equality
  • freedom of speech
  • facts instead of propaganda


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