It was my pleasure to speak at the IOM Summit in Cologne about “effective change! leadership model in the digital age”. Thanks to the engaged listener Alexandra Perl, there exists a creative summary of the talk.

IOM Summit


I’m very happy that I’ve been an official coach and professor since last week. Many thanks to the Coaching Institute living sense and the Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg. These roles enable me to contribute to change on a broad basis, for which I am very grateful. Now I dedicate myself to the new.


dear friends, the smart office is a hot topic of our time, without actually knowing what smart really means to one and another. that is, why I decided to start a focus group night series.

#night1: six influencers (Alexander Daamen/nopilots; Anna-Maria Lange/nunatak; Achim Teichert/#FORTSCHRITT; Sabine Zdunnek; Stefanie Kiefer/brainbirds; Andreas Beer/hyve) discussed their problems, hopes, and wishes.

#night2: three companies (designfunktion, design offices, Bosch GROW, FLIXBUS) talked about their current equipment, what they aspire, and whom they have to convince.

#night3 will be full of decision points to better understand the buying center.