Hosting Accenture Interactive @TH AB

What is data-driven marketing? Patricia Mock and Elise Bonacina from Accenture Interactive answered this challenging question. Our students had interesting questions, especially when it came to data security. We broke up diverse perspectives. Not easy to answer, but worth to reflect on! Issues of our time that seek for answers.

EIL Workshop @foodsharing Munich

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to facilitate an effective innovation leadership workshop for the foodsharing leadership team in Munich.

We started with self-responsibility. Therefore we discussed how values affect the group co-creation process and what kind of strengths each individual wants to bring into the foodsharing work context.

As well the group created work packages with timing and responsibilities until the end of this year.

Great for me to experience how well I can hold and moderate experienced and critical leaders.

I was also impressed by how deeply hidden topics could show up and workshop participants who started critically have left the workshop thankful and positive.

A special thanks to the whole group for their trust and commitment as well as the experience and insights.

Otto Scharmer @Entrepreneurship Summit

Key Summary

  1. you cannot understand a system unless you change it
  2. you cannot change a system unless you transform consciousness
  3. you cannot transform consciousness unless you make a system see and sense itself

To perform, we need to first do inner work by answering two questions: “who am I?” and “what do I want to cause?”

We need to foster curiosity, compassion, and courage instead of fear, cynicism, and ignorance.

Let us co-create something new, something better with our hands, heart and head. It is not only about individual reflection, it is not only about team or organizational development. It is about a systemic change.

In practice, this involves activating the deep learning cycles, strengthening sources of well-being, establish food as a medium for healing, create businesses that follow a purpose, generate capital that transforms the system, and establish an awareness-based collective action.

Barack Obama @Bits & Pretzels

Core Insights:

  • Universities are a critical anchors to build startup cultures
  • We need to bring science and entrepreneurship together
  • We need to invest in basic research
  • Venture Capital needs to be available in regions where there is no money
  • Innovation is a balance of freedom and common purpose
  • People need to invest in the education of their children
  • Diversity helps the organization, although it is not politically correct
  • Diversity increases the mix of experiences
  • We need to overcome the male dominance
  • We need to learn to listen to the experts
  • We need to establish creative cultures
  • Politicans need to listen to science (Greta Thunberg does)
  • Companies that have women as Board Members increase their performance
  • Large tech companies have to make room for small companies
  • Tech giants need to ask questions about values, even if they are big
  • Leadership is the responsibility of everyone
  • Responsible leaders are clear and take responsibility
  • Scandinavia shows how social issues can be integrated into a well-functioning economy
  • All must participate to change social problems
  • Technical solutions are not sufficient, we need to change together
  • We need to break insulation through technology
  • We need to be aware of: manipulation, monopolies, singularity, China
  • We see chances in smart energy managing, and improvement of health


Obama values sleep, time for reflexion, time with his wife and positive thinking.


Don’t think, that:

  • others take something away from me
  • power is based on hierarchies
  • polarization is the right way to go


Even if we are different, we should live:

  • together in peace
  • mutual respect for individual cultures
  • equality
  • freedom of speech
  • facts instead of propaganda