PoV on the gender discussion

It would be great if at some point the gender discussion no longer has to be conducted, but instead everyone is treated equally. There is still a long way to go and activists like these are needed.: https://www.buzzfeed.de/recherchen/politikerin-tessa-ganserer-will-im-deutschen-bundestag-gegen-das-transsexuellengesetz-kaempfen-90776303.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-de-DE

Panelist @Avanade

Today, I had the opportunity to hold a speech as an outro within the Avanade Innovation Program. I presented the insights gathered during a pilot at Avanade on the organizational, team and individual innovativeness. Listeners were companies across industries.

Book release “How to avoid climate disaster”

Although the gossip press can currently find no other topic than “cannibalizing” the mud battle of Bill and Melinda Gates, I am currently reading the book “How to avoid climate disaster” by Bill Gates (which I bought a month ago after an interview with Anne Will). The content is very interesting. I would certainly like the author to act morally and ethically. Unfortunately, I can only influence that to a limited extent.

Creatitivity Workshop @Elitenetzwerk Bayern

This weekend I had the opportunity to bring a new workshop concept into the world. I found two adorable facilitators (Karin and Romas) who brought the whole thing to life with me. Participants were scholars from the Max Weber program who are very profound and intelligent. Seeing their smiling faces and creativity every day was a wonderful gift.