Descriptive Report of my Online Study

Guess what. I made my way out of the data jungle and aggregated first insights about “successful leadership in the field of innovation” for you. Enjoy reading my descriptive report. 102 innovation practitioners shared exciting insights. I hope you can take something out of it! Questions or feedback are always welcome. More will follow soon. Sabrina

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There exist alternatives to global capitalism. Democracy and Freedom.

Why should we act?
2014: 2.325 millionaires. Oxfam says the richest % of people will own more than 50% of capital in near future.

What goes wrong?
Moral, ethical and functional dimensions of capitalism criticism. (

What are the alternatives?
A fair distribution => finding a symmetry between work, production means and capital employed. One option is to become an economic democracy, changing power structures. (see f.e. Karl Marx, G. A. Cohen, David Schweikert, Titus Stahl, Philippe Van Parijs)

Germany ranks 31 concerning business and innovation environment @WEF Networked Readiness Index 2015

Rank / 143 Score
2nd pillar: Business and innovation environment 1-7 (best) 31 4,9
-Total tax rate % profits 109 48,8
-Number of procedures required to start a business procedures 107 9,0
-Time required to start a business days 82 14,5
-Tertiary education enrollment rate gross % 37 61,7
-Quality of management schools 1-7 (best) 29 5,0
-Venture capital availability 1-7 (best) 28 3,4
-Availability of latest technologies 1-7 (best) 17 6,2
-Government procurement of advanced technology products 1-7 (best) 16 4,2
-Intensity of local competition 1-7 (best) 12 5,9