Hosting #FORTSCHRITT @AMD Munich

Today I had the pleasure to host Achim Teichert from the Berlin think tank #FORTSCHRITT. He gave the fourth semester of the courses in innovation management and design as well as fashion management insights into practice. Based on two real corporate projects, we learned which deltas can arise between strategy conception and implementation and how we can prevent these problems using suitable strategic methods.

The Circular Textile Innovation Challenge

In two months, thirty AMD students created eight circular (digital) product innovations that change the existing textile value chain. Innovation, Fashion, and Journalism Managers together created solutions for a better future. Julia Zirpel (thewearness), Oliver Eisenbiegler (Eisenbiegler Consulting), Jasper Schlump (capacura), and helped to shape the whole thing. Thank all of you for that inspiring experience.

Hosting celonis @THAB

On behalf of my business administration Bachelor students from the Technical University of Aschaffenburg, I would like to thank the celonis Academic Alliance for the introduction to Process Mining. I was also able to take a lot with me. Gladly again!

Webinar @DFK

It was a pleasure for me to present the findings of my seven years of research on the EIL- Model and the EIL-Method to seasoned leaders. It is nice to see how the topic is spreading. Many thanks to my dear colleague Angela Witt-Bartsch – always welcome!

Corona and its economic effects

Spiegel Article

Management Summary
Corona Effects

  • Tourism collapse
  • Transportation minimization
  • Less social interactions
  • Less global trade
  • Higher unemployment
  • Reduction of stores
  • Reduction of productions
  • More independence between countries
  • Competition for face masks
  • Unilateral border closures
  • Hedge funds in London earned billions in profits from the corona-induced stock market crash
  • No united European action

Before Corona

  • No protection of resources
  • Social inequality
  • Comprehensive globalization
  • Right-wing movement
  • Climate collapse
  • Critics of capitalism
  • Cybercrime and surveillance capitalism
  • Futurists who warned of epidemics [i.e. Attali in 1998]
  • Eradication of exotic animal species

After Corona

  • Embedded liberalism [Reckwitz]?
  • Same as before?
  • More protective EU?
  • Minimization of the meeting circus?
  • Growth of internet companies in new areas?
  • Production relocations?
  • Focus on sustainability?
  • A close partnership between Europe and China to protect the environment?

In his Easter speech, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier put it like this: “Perhaps we believed for too long that we were invincible, that we could continue to go faster, higher, farther. That was a mistake.”