Reflections resulting from “Zeit für Demokratie”

A fascinating insight I gained yesterday that keeps my mind occupied is that climate change is unstoppable and reduces everyone’s life expectancy enormously (as the quality of air outdoors can only be changed to a limited extent). Indeed, people with more money can afford better medical treatment and safer and smarter houses with air conditioning and filters. However, they cannot avert the heat waves, floods, and storms, and mars are not yet habitable. I wish that our democracy is and remains capable of action and drives solutions forward so that not only a few people have to be shot into space in capsules to survive. My contribution is to use education to help to existing and future innovators think about business models and solutions sustainably from the very beginning and to use digitalization (where it makes sense) to do so. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important to convince existing companies to rethink and realign themselves for the future.


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