New Workshop “Crisis proof through the future”

Dear network,
I would like to inform you that I am offering a face-to-face workshop on the topic “Crisis-proof through the future” on 4-5 November in Aschaffenburg. In it, the following questions will be answered:
– Which crises influence the value creation processes of our organization?
– How do the crises concretely affect our ability to act?
– What resources do we as an organization bring with us and can we build on?
– What can I personally do to contribute to the success of the company?

– Developing the ability to act by applying methods
– Strengthen problem-solving ability by actively solving one or more problems in your organization
– Consolidate communication and presentation skills by reflecting on complex issues in a playful and cooperative way

If you are interested, secure a ticket immediately. The workshop is funded by the ESF and therefore free of charge.


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