Reflection on my personal CO2 account

At the beginning of the new year, I flew for the first time in many years. I thought about whether I could do this to my co2 account for a long time. Since I am a curious person and like to discover new cultures, I decided on a relatively short flight of 2.5 hours. I calculated the co2 consumption I caused as a single person based on this. Then I figured how many trees would be planted to recapture the Co2 consumed. The result was 100 trees. I now invested in these as part of a tree-planting project that charges one euro per tree. It was a bit frightening to see that I needed 100 trees to bind the Co2, which was consumed by my flight as an occupant. Now indeed, not all air travelers donate trees for their consumption. So I would have to finance the complete airplane consisting of approx. two hundred passengers, which would bring me to approx. 20,000 trees/€. Because the flight was cheap, the 100 Euro are fair in any case. I would like to know how many of the passengers have reflected or even compensated for their Co2 emissions. Based on this, we should seriously ask ourselves whether Co2 compensation should be left to the individual. Haven’t we all grown up over the years, very price-oriented and trying to save money in many places? Doesn’t a person have extreme intrinsic motivation or conviction if they invest in a tree-planting project or plant trees themselves?

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