Happy to announce my new book chapter

Happy to announce my new book chapter in the mind-blowing project AbilitytoAct from E Sengers MA. It’s about a global education format for sustainable innovators creating circular solutions. You can buy the ebook for 10€ on this website: https://abilitytoact.com/buy.

Here is the intro to my chapter: “The following chapter builds on the article Dryver’s Seat from Erwin Sengers. He asks for higher education programs that train future self-directed entrepreneurs with the right attitude and the ability to think critically and control their actions. To master this challenging task, Erwin asks for conscious trainers who are innovators themselves. Innovators can ask the right critical questions, connect seamlessly unconnected information, and experiment. The following article is a first step towards raising the awareness of these new trainers and giving them methods, tools, and inspiration to develop sustainable innovators who think holistically. Innovators are the proportion of entrepreneurs who do not copy or optimize what exists but commercialize new technologies or new ideas. Circular innovators are the doers who create systemic innovations solving our current social and ecological crisis.” – Prof. Dr. Sabrina Schork
#circularity #innovation #education #sustainability #highereducation #globaleducation

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