Public Speaker

18.09.2019 IOM Summit, Köln

29.01.2019 Paperworld, Frankfurt am Main

22.11.2018 Neues Lernen IHK, München

19.10.2017 Open Innovation R&D Congress, Frankfurt am Main

18.01.2017 THNK School, Amsterdam

23.11.2016 Diskussionsforum Digital Leadership, Wiesbaden

28.10.2016 Nacht der Wissenschaft, Karlsruhe

12.05.2015 Digital Leadership Forum, Frankfurt

28.02.2014 Hochschule, Karlsruhe

17.11.2013 Hochschule, Karlsruhe

Conference Presentations

02.06.2016 UIIN, Amsterdam |«Effective Innovation Leadership» [English]

09.10.2015 G-Forum, Kassel |«Successful leadership principles in the field of innovation» [German]

13.11.2014 G-Forum, Oldenburg|«Responsible Leadership in the field of Innovation» [German]

15.10.2014 KnowTech, Hanau|«Responsible Leadership in Innovation Business» [German]

Academic Teaching

MBA Level

Mar 2019 International University of Monaco|«Sustainability and Innovation in CRM»

Dec 2018 Hochschule Munich|«Open Innovation»

Nov 2018 International University of Monaco|«Sustainability and Innovation in CRM»

Feb 2018 International University of Monaco|«CRM and Innovation»

Apr-May 2017 FHM in Bielefeld |«Open Innovation & New Product Development»

Master Level

27.04.2017 Maryland Institute College of Art|«Effective Innovation Leadership» [English]

23.06.2015 Karlsruher Institut für Technologie |«Innovation & Leadership» [English]

10.12.2013 Goethe Uni, Frankfurt |«Leadership within Social Business» [German]

13.12.2012 Goethe Uni, Frankfurt | «eCommunication in Practice» [German]

Bachelor Level

09./10.03.2015 Hochschule, Karlsruhe |«Quality Management and Innovation» [German]

25.-26.09.2014 Hochschule, Karlsruhe |«Quality Management» [German]


TEDxFrankfurt 2017

Hochschule München 2018

Foto: Sebastian Gabsch - www.sega-foto.de - 0176 26487275



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