Effective Innovation Leadership_Sabrina Schork

Successful leadership principles in the field of innovation_Sabrina Schork

Mission Innovator_Sabrina Schork

Guiding behavior favoring Sustainable Enterprise Innovation Capability_Sabrina Schork

Working in innovation-driven economies_Sabrina Schork


201403_Leadership 2.0 – The future of leadership in the digital world_Sabrina Schork

201403_Leadership 2.0 – between old and new leadership qualities_Sabrina Schork

201403_Leadership 2.0 – technology and leadership a perfect match_Sabrina Schork


Effective Innovation Leadership at UIIN_Sabrina Schork

Responsible leadership in innovation business at G-Forum_Sabrina Schork

Responsible leadership in renewal business at KnowTech_Sabrina Schork



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