As a personal coach I support young talents & sustainable innovators to become the best version of themselves.


  1. You choose your session
  2. You bring your topics
  3. We select the most crucial topic together
  4. You define a coaching session goal
  5. I am adopting diverse techniques fitting your type/topic leading to your goal
  6. You take maximum three to do’s out of the session
  7. You feedback your happiness with the session
  8. If you want, you book a reminder package or a next session

My concern is that we use as little coaching as necessary to enable you to define meaningful goals and implement them with full power.

For coaching sessions I am available on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. My hourly rate ranges from 60 € (students), 90 € (entrepreneurs) to 120 € (leaders).


“The coaching with Sabrina was very clarifying, focused and solution-oriented. I felt really understood by her in my concerns in combination with my personality and had a new, very clear perspective on things after each session. And a concrete plan of what to do to achieve my goal. That was very helpful, thank you very much.” Christina Stihler, ideasformillions
“Thank you for the coaching! I was able to focus more on my next career step and ended up in a perfect leadership role now.” Female Tech Leader

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