Sabrina is a visionary woman who delivers focused and seeks out for radical innovation.

Sabrina did her Ph.D. at KIT’s Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, and Innovation. Her thesis was about Effective Innovation Leadership. Besides that, she is a Design Thinking Coach (brainbirds) and she participated in the THNK Creative Leadership Program (Class 10).

Since 2009 Sabrina works across industries. During that time she acted as an innovation leader (trainings for up to 35 employees), as a team leader in strategy and innovation management (disciplinary responsibility for up to 5 employees), as a community manager (50 participants), and as an consultant.

Besides, Sabrina engages since 2012 as a lecturer at diverse universities (Goethe University Frankfurt, KIT, Hochschule Karlsruhe, FHM, Hochschule München). Currently, she is an adjunct professor at the International University of Monaco where she is responsible for CRM in Luxury focusing on innovation and sustainability.

Sabrina lived two years in English speaking countries (Ireland, New Zealand, and England).

Sabrina enjoys yoga, skiing (freeride), singing, and experiencing cultures.


One thought on “Bio

  1. Hey Sabrina,
    at the moment I’m sitting next to you during the Ted talk. You remember?
    And I’m actual checking your interesting website. I would appreciate to hear more. Please contact me for a coffee next time you visit Karlsruhe.
    Cheers Michael

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