“Hi, I am Sabrina. I am the inventor of the Effective Innovation Leadership-Model, founded the esn. Institute, and am passionate about creating meaningful innovations. Until today I published one book, two book chapters, and four scientific articles.”


Since 2009 Sabrina Schork is working in the field of innovation specialized in digital transformation and new work methods. Her core interest is how to effectively change patterns on an individual, organizational, and country level. She develops ethical and empowering leaders that make their contribution to social change.

Business activities:
2018-2019 SIGEL, 2017-2018 HYVE, 2010-2016 Accenture, 2009-2010 WIV AG.

University activities:
since 2019 Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg and Akademie für Mode und Design München (Fresenius Hochschule), since 2018 University of Monaco, 2018 FHM Bielefeld, 2014-2016 Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, 2014-2015 Hochschule Karlsruhe, 2012-2013 Goethe Universität Frankfurt.

Sabrina lived for two years in English speaking countries. She is a singer, skier, and yogee.

One thought on “Journey

  1. Hey Sabrina,
    at the moment I’m sitting next to you during the Ted talk. You remember?
    And I’m actual checking your interesting website. I would appreciate to hear more. Please contact me for a coffee next time you visit Karlsruhe.
    Cheers Michael

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