Hi. My name is Sabrina. I live with my partner in Munich and work as a research professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg. My research topic is Sustainable Digital Innovation focusing on subareas such as Leadership, Happiness, Giftedness, and Artificial Intelligence. My hobbies are sports in nature, painting, reading, singing, and yoga. After my Abitur, I lived in New Zealand for six months. There I immersed myself in an open, eco-friendly, and chilled environment. Back in Germany, I started my diploma in business administration at Saarland University and worked as a student in the software company IDS Scheer, founded by Prof. Dr. Scheer. For one year, I studied and worked in Ireland and experienced diversity in group assignments and shared living. I finished my studies with a master’s thesis at Daimler in Mannheim, which dealt with customer loyalty. After that, I did a traineeship at a medium-sized family business, for which I spent several weeks at a digital community startup in Norwich, where I discovered the digital world for myself. I explored this world at one of the largest tech consulting firms. In the meantime, I was gripped by my passion for innovation, so I did my doctorate on “Effective Innovation Leadership” with Prof. Dr. Terzidis at KIT’s EnTechnon. I then applied this knowledge as a team leader at the innovation agency HYVE in Munich, founded by Prof. Dr. Füller. After that, I was hired by a medium-sized company as an innovation leader before I finally changed entirely to the academic world. Since 2019, I have been teaching and researching as a professor at the intersection of sustainability, digitalization, and innovation. I participated in trainings on Design Thinking (brainbirds), Scrum (agilecoach Academy), Creative Leadership (THNK School), Wellbeing (Yale University), Digital Transformation (Stanford University) and on Machine Learning (MIT).

What People Say

Dr. Schork received her doctorate in July 2016 from the Chair of Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, and
Innovation at KIT on the topic of “Effective Innovation Leadership – Values, Strengths, and Practices”. She carried out all tasks with great verve and realized with great personal commitment
persistently achieved the goals she had set herself. She showed a great intrinsic interest in her doctoral thesis doctoral topic and accordingly had a high motivation to work. It is particularly noteworthy that Ms. Schork very independently developed a holistic, empirically supported
approach to leadership in the innovation environment.

Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

I know Dr. Schork through her work as a team leader in consulting with a focus on Strategy & Innovation Management. She was responsible for five employees and a project volume of € 1.2 million. There I got to know her as a conscientious, inquisitive and committed innovator as well as a leader. She was characterized by her structured and methodical approach, her creativity, her optimistic nature and her critical reflection.

Prof. Dr. Johann Füller

Ms. Schork has been volunteering in my department since September 2012. In the past two years, she conducted practice-oriented lectures in my Organizational Psychology module in the Master’s program. I experienced Ms. Schork as a competent lecturer. She was committed, well prepared and responded very well to the needs and questions of the students. The feedback from the students in the final discussion and also privately to me was extremely positive.

Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick

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